Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't it violent?

No, Karate is non-violent.  We teach strength, self-reliance and problem solving.  Children who are confident and verbally assertive can often solve problems and conflicts without resorting to physical violence.  We teach children self defence skills for emergencies so that they can get themselves to safety, but using their Karate outside of the dojo for a non-emergency situation (like losing your temper or conflict with your siblings) comes with significant consequences, like losing your belt or stripes.

But Hockey?!

Karate is spectacular cross training for hockey, soccer, skiing, cycling and any activity that requires coordination, fast reaction, balance, strategy and flexibility.   Not all children enjoy or succeed in team sports.  Karate allows an environment where individual successes are achieved and celebrated in a community environment with mutual appreciation and support.  And it’s ridiculously fun.

Won’t they get the same benefits from the gym or a sports camp?

Karate gives your child some exceptional and unique benefits; self-discipline, pride of achievement, fitness, flexibility, setting and reaching goals, anxiety management, anger management, stress relief, a supportive community, play with a diverse peer group, focus, a demanding and tailored program and of course, it’s excellently fun.

Also, it's FUN!

Really fun.  You get to make new friends and hit them.  You get to play very physical games, you get to succeed at things that you never dreamt that you could do and you can get a black belt.  Excellent!

Can I start Karate or Arnis as an adult?

Renshi started Karate at age 31 and we have students now at 6Tigers well into their 60s.  Renshi is experienced in modifying activity and exercises for any limitations that you may have.  Karate is a great way to get in shape without focusing on getting in shape.  The workout is fun and intense, the skills you will learn will be yours for life. 

What on earth is Arnis?

Modern Arnis is a Filipino Martial Art.  It is the national sport of the Philippines.  The art includes stick fighting (who doesn’t want to hit things with a stick?!!), empty hand skills, long staff training as well as machete and dagger at the higher belt levels.  (Don’t worry:  There are no real sharp things in the dojo.  All training equipment is safe.  And pointy things, even fake ones, are for grown ups only)

Why Arnis?

Well, it’s ridiculously fun.  And also it makes your hands fly and gives you almost magical coordination.  Plus being able to say that you train in stick fighting is epic.

6Tigers Includes People with Special Needs. How does that work?

Janet Renshi has decades of experience working with children and adults with various special needs.  Her daughter had complex medical needs as a young child, and has both physical and developmental delay.  6Tigers has a class with one on one instruction for those students who need support throughout the class.  We also can successfully integrate students into the other children’s and adult classes.  Chat with Renshi about your specific limitations or concerns and we will make your martial arts experience amazing.  We will work with you to pave the path to your black belt.

What’s the Difference Between Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu and all of the MMA stuff? Which art is best??

Different arts come from different parts of the world and have different histories.  Karate, Jiu jitsu and Kobudo come from Japan, tai chi and kung fu come from China, Arnis comes from the Philippines, taekwondo comes from Korea etc. 

All of the arts were originally complete self defence systems (except for MMA which started as a sport).  Over time, the arts have been stylized or become more sport focused.  The question for an individual beginning martial arts is not really which art (because they are all epic) but which DOJO?  The dojo (and head instructor) will have its own focus and feel.  Some dojos are more focused on competition, some on health, some on fitness, some on being powerful and unfortunately, some on bullying and overpowering others (but they won’t have that in their advertising materials). 

6Tigers is focused on excellence and fun, our martial arts are top notch, accessing world class expertise in combatives and self defence training, traditional karate and  the most up to date sport science for health.  We also value each other and have built a welcoming and inclusive community.

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