We bring out the best in each of our students to unleash the tiger within. Our world class instructors are deeply committed to empowering our students to not only achieve their physical goals but to strengthen their internal confidence and integrity as well.

About Our Instructor

Janet Renshi is a dedicated martial artist who is most easily recognizable by her mass of curly hair and giant glasses. She has been training in the martial arts for over 20 years and has a profound passion for pulverizing… misconceptions, stereotypes, and insecurities. She is supported by a team of experienced black belt instructors, with decades of combined experience, who are happiest getting punched, kicked, and thrown across the room by their students.

Classes & Schedule

We are proud to offer a wide variety of classes available for any age and any level of skill. If you have an injury or disability that you are working with, we can adapt our programs so that you continue to train and get stronger as you heal and adapt.

Need an individual program to get you to Black Belt? Don’t hesitate, contact us today!

Children’s Karate

Our kids’ programs combine ridiculous fun with learning discipline, respect, assertiveness, and self-motivation. While receiving high-quality martial arts training and developing fine-tuned physical skills, children are taught how to practice, work towards goals, and give back to the community. By earning their stripes and getting the opportunity to instruct lower belts in class, children develop leadership skills, integrity and patience. Safety skills are added into classes full of jumping, punching, kicking, and kiais.


Kobudo is the practice of Okinawan weapons arts. Challenging even for seasoned empty-hand martial artists, incorporating a weapon pushes stance technique, speed, strength and coordination. Learning forms with a weapon has the effect of making you feel extra-cool, and, as a treat, when the weather is nice we take our practice outside.

*Students must be enrolled in karate to attend kobudo*

Adult Karate

It’s never too late to become a black belt! Have fun getting fit and reach new goals every week with martial arts training at 6Tigers. We have a vibrant group of adults and our classes are fun, challenging, and work on all aspects of fitness. Join a supportive, diverse community and rest easy knowing you’re receiving top-notch instruction. Mix it up and kick your way to lifelong health and fitness!

Special Needs

Special needs karate is a cornerstone program of 6tigers. Students receive one-on-one instruction from experienced teachers in order to work on physical techniques, strength, social skills, safety training, and verbal assertiveness. Children range in ages and belt levels – some have been training in the martial arts for more than 10 years! Our program works to build students’ confidence and gives them pride in their achievements.


The only thing more fun than hitting your friends is hitting them with sticks! Modern Arnis is a stick-fighting art and is the national sport of the Philippines. Developed by Professor Remi Presas, modern arnis is partner-oriented and, as a result, is founded on community; practitioners are plugged into a global network and have the opportunity to attend camps all over the world. Focussing on fast hands, reaction time, and coordination, it is great as a stand-alone art, or it can take your other martial arts to the next level. *Available for ages 7+*

Tiny Tigers

In Tiny Tigers, we emphasize physical literacy skills – running, jumping, throwing, kicking, catching, and balancing – to set our students up to be physically successful. Tiny Tigers learn important safety skills and basic karate techniques so they are well prepared to enter the kids’ program as they get bigger. Respectful communication and self control are emphasized – our tigers know punches and kicks are only allowed in the dojo! We have a ton of fun with our littlest members with lots of obstacle courses, punching the pads, yelling, and running around. 

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